Tuesday, June 30, 2009

lets climb the roof!!

I went to pns today to submit some documents. pns is located inside pwtc. so, i went to the counter which is located down the ground floor or watever floor u may call it.an officer told me to go the level 9. arab and i, almost lost trying to find the stairs or elevator to the bangunan hussein onn, finally found the stairs that we think was located way far isolated from other entrances in the building.which i found weird and so not 'visitor-friendly' at all. so, we climb the stairs and we reached a lobby.we got into the elevator to the level 9.

Once we got there, there was not a single soul, man the counter (i wonder why do they have a counter when they dont have a person to look after it). i sneaked into the office area and politely asked the first lady that came across me.and i asked..bla..bla..bla..and she told me..owh..u got to go to the next door.the lady at the counter will tell you what to do.and so we went to the next door.there were two ladies there.one politely told me to go to level 12 and see siti bla bla bla..i said thank you again. we waited for the elevator to go to the 12th floor.

Once there,again there was a counter but with no officer watsoever.and again, i got into the office area and asked the first person i saw to get siti bla bla bla for me.she told me ok.and without standing up, she told me to be seated first while she gets siti bla bla bla for me.there were three seats..and all occupied with their staff.(i saw them wearing pns id).i looked at arab and he vice versa.macam mana kita nak duduk.and the staff yang sedang berborak kat tempat guests tu pun buat bodo je.tak pelawa kitorang langsung duduk walaupun i tauuuuuuuu yg dorang tauuuuuuuu kitorang ni guests la kan..so, both of us berdiri la betul2 depan counter yg takde orang tu..after 5 minutes and so, siti bla bla bla came out..i told her..bla bla bla..do u know what siti bla bla bla told me.owh..u got to go to the 13th floor and see tengku bla bla bla.and before she finished her sentence i saw arab already at the elevator area pressing the going up button..hahaha..nak tergelak pun ada.panas pun ada la kannnnnnnnn.

We got up to the 13th floor (nombor suwey cina cakap)..mmg suwey pun laaaaaaaa..again somebody told us to go to level 21.we got into the elevator..this time arab cakap..ape kata, kita naik sampai bumbung..patu from there, kita call pns and cakap..saya dah ada sampai bumbung niiiiiiiiiiiii..bila bole jumpa pegawai yg bertugas?????????hahahahaha..nak pengsan i gelak..tapi sbb penat ke sana sini..pendam kan aje..muka pun dah merah kan..

At last, i jumpa gak officer nyer at 21st floor..tapi bukan tengku bla bla bla..but suraya bla bla bla.she said she will pass this to the pic..sigh..seb baik dia a pregger so, i nak ckp sinis2 pun tak baik..and she was also a nice lady..tima kasih la pns untuk detour kali ini. i pernah called a government department before and i was passed around. but this is the first time, i got it to my face.and actually doing it..sigh again..

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