Thursday, June 25, 2009

the.king.of.pop - my story

when i heard about MJ's death today, i was shocked.I mean, we know that he was battling with the skin cancer and what not, but to hear a living legend died during your life time is something isnt it?

Like many people, I grew up with MJ's songs. He is our time JT (even Timberlake cant match his achievements).I remember watching Billie jean music video, practicing moon walk dance, saving my weekly allowance to buy his album (which is in cassette in those days).Sigh..I will miss his songs, the stories about his eccentric behavior, etc..Sigh again..I miss him already.

My favorite song of his is Ben.He made this song when he was still a teenager. Share with me your favorite! And what are the things u remember with his songs..

A tribute to MJ..come on..sing with me..'we are the world..we are the children...'

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